Learning loan boosts mum’s career dreams

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A Sheffield mum-of-three has become one of the first people to take a teaching assistant diploma course with help from a new type of Government loan.

Gemma Richardson-Stuart is receiving a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, which pays her college fees and only has to be paid back once she’s earning more than £21,000 a year.

Gemma Richardson-Stuart.

Gemma Richardson-Stuart.

Gemma said she would not have been able to afford the distance learning course with Stonebridge College without the new scheme.

She said: “I started the course to extend my knowledge as I would like to become a teaching assistant.

“The reason I decided to study through Stonebridge was because I have three children and so wouldn’t be able to commit to a college timetable in order to study.”

The leading home-learning college offers both vocational and practical courses to those looking to further their skills .

It is one of the first distance learning providers to offer the new loan aimed at adult learners.