Leadership coach plans mission to boost Liberia's economy

A Yorkshire-based leadership coach is flying off later this year to participate in a project to boost economic development in Liberia.

Monday, 12th February 2018, 4:01 pm
Updated Monday, 12th February 2018, 4:05 pm
Natasha McCreesh a leadership coach from Huddersfield

Huddersfield-based Natasha McCreesh and Simon Crowe will be taking another group of business people out to Africa to participate in their Leaders in Liberia project.

A spokesman said: “These trips are aimed at people who want to grow as self-aware leaders and value the link between service and leadership.”

Leaders in Liberia was established after a meeting between Mr Crowe and Liberian charity worker Emmanuel Wragboe in 2014.

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The spokesman for Ms McCreesh said: “Emmanuel had a big idea to build a school for orphans in the community of Duwehn Town, Grand Bassa.

“Through the Leaders in Liberia project, they are now realising his big idea.

“Natasha joined in 2016 with the mission to create a leadership project that would bring people to Liberia to learn about themselves as leaders, through acts of service on various legacy projects in Duwehn Town and Monrovia. This will be the fourth leadership trip.”

Ms McCreesh said she really enjoyed the experience of being totally focused on others.

She added: “There really is nothing like that from a personal growth perspective.”

The Leaders in Liberia project is funded by London-based Mr Crowe and public fundraising.

Leaders who go on the trip can provide investment to help fund it.

The spokesman added: “Previous adventurers have embraced their leadership challenges in inspiring ways. Last year Leaders in Liberia attracted participants from the UK, Argentina, Miami, New Zealand and other international locations.

“Some have chosen to return to Africa to begin projects of their own and Leaders in Liberia has been able to set up meetings with Government ministers to facilitate this.

“Others have gone home and created projects in their own communities. They have created more powerful relationships with the people in their lives and some have changed careers or started new companies.”

There are limited places for the next trip in November 2018. To discuss participation in this invitation-only trip email [email protected]