Late mum is Mark’s inspiration for giving something back

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When you’ve had a career as packed as Mark Perrins’, how are you going to occupy yourself in retirement.

In addition to a string of top stainless steel industry jobs, he has been a member of the Confederation of British Industry’s council, chairman of the Sheffield-based British Stainless Steel Association and continues to be a Freeman of the Cutlers’ Company.

One thing is certain. He will be doing more than just playing a bit more golf.

“I’m still quite open to ideas,” he says.

“I have got a hundred things on my mind. I want to get involved in charity work. My mother, who is one of my inspirations, worked two days a week for a charity, right up to two days before she died. I would like to give something back in the voluntary sector.”

Mark Perrins is also available should business want to call on his experience of handling change, mergers and acquisitions, as a non-executive director.

“If I hadn’t thrived on change I wouldn’t have survived!

“You just get used to it when you go through all those mergers – and change can create the opportunity to do a lot,” he says.