Large new warehouses could add to developing business park in Barnsley

A successful business park in Barnsley could be expanded into agricultural land if approval is given allow two large new warehouse developments to go ahead.

By Paul Whitehouse
Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 8:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 8:53 am
Road to nowhere: This dead end at Capitol Park could be opened up for an expansion
Road to nowhere: This dead end at Capitol Park could be opened up for an expansion

The Capitol Park development in Dodworth started in 2006 and has expanded since, using transport links created with the installation of a bypass road.

It has been regarded as a great success, bringing investment and jobs to the area, with its position close to junction 37 on the M1 regarded as one of its attractions.

Now Barnsley Council is being asked to grant planning permission for an extension, which would take up open land off Higham Lane, though access to the site would be from an access road already in place to serve part of the development.

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The site has already been earmarked for development under Barnsley Council’s Local Plan, a blueprint for business and housing expansion over the next 15 years, which was adopted in January.

However, a small part of the proposed site is within the Green Belt, where a bungalow currently stands. That would be demolished to make way for an access road.

Documents submitted as part of the planning application state: “The existing bungalow on this part of the site will be demolished, therefore increasing the openness of the site and having a positive impact on the openness of the Green Belt.” 

It is also said the impact of the new businesses on traffic at the M1 junction would be “negligible”.