‘Landslip is turning us into ghost town’

Lucy Cam  of  La Vie En Rose  Glossop Road Broomhiill.
Lucy Cam of La Vie En Rose Glossop Road Broomhiill.
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DESPAIRING traders on a main road which remains almost deserted three weeks after it was partially closed due to the collapse of an embankment have made a plea for help.

Businesses on Glossop Road, Broomhill, say custom was already down due to Sheffield Council doubling the cost of on-street parking from 20p to 40p, before the landslip next to King Edward VII school, which has led to most traffic and all bus services diverting on to other routes.

Lucy Cam, owner of La Vie En Rose beauty salon, described the street as ‘ghost-like’.

She said: “I am appalled at the lack of support from the council for the small shops of Glossop Road.

“Our row of businesses ranging from beauty salons to restaurants is being forced into a ghost-like street.

“The cost of using parking spaces has been raised to 40p per hour, discouraging our customers to make the journey to the area let alone stay long enough to spend money with us.

“The road collapse and lack of traffic now means a limited amount of traffic passing the shop so little passing trade.

“Both bus stops are out of use making it harder for customers to reach us. We have noticed a great decline in our walk-in appointments due to this.

“We were visited by a member of the council to discuss the road closure, however no reference was made to award compensation or support us through this time.

“Even a request to use an advertising board outside our shop to attract customers was rejected by the council.”

Investigations are continuing into whether the road collapse was due to ongoing work to rebuild King Edward VII school by council contractors, which included excavating part of the embankment below the road.

Coun Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for business, said she would meet with traders for talks.

She said: “The old Lib Dem administration increased parking charges in this year’s budget and regrettably because of the £220 million of cuts that have been imposed by the Government we are not in a position to reverse this increase.

“I am inviting the Broomhill traders to meet with myself and cabinet colleagues so that we can listen to their concerns and address some of the issues that they are raising.

“We have made a strong commitment to being business friendly and small businesses are very much part of this agenda.”