LabLogic target defence deals

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Medical software and equipment specialist LabLogic Systems is targeting new markets after acquiring a company with clients in the defence, security, nuclear and engineering sectors, as well as healthcare.

Sheffield-based LabLogic specialises in developing systems used by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and university labs to measure tiny amounts of radioactive material added to new drugs so that researchers can trace their passage through the bodies of the human volunteers the drugs are being tested on.

The company it has acquired – West Sussex-based Southern Scientific – also makes equipment for measuring, detecting and analysing radiation.

But it supplies many different markets and includes the Ministry of Defence and security forces, nuclear power stations and decommissioning specialists, engineering companies such as BAe Systems, Rolls Royce and Babcock and the NHS and private healthcare companies.

“The key fact that links us with Southern Scientific is that all our products use radioactivity,” says LabLogic’s managing director Richard Brown. “We have had a friendly commercial relationship with the company for many years.

“Their strengths complement our own and they understand our technology, as well as having a very similar customer-led business ethos.

“They are particularly strong in the medical, defence, military, nuclear and industrial markets, which sits well with LabLogic’s long-established pre-eminence in pharmaceutical research.

“We are assisting them with software development and they are contributing to our new products programme – to our mutual advantage and, we believe, to the benefit of all our clients.”

Southern Scientific’s chairman and founder, Ken Frost, said: “Becoming part of LabLogic has taken the company to a new level.

“It is an exciting prospect for everyone concerned, and we all look forward to a bright future for the enlarged Group.”

LabLogic’s latest acquisition comes four years after the firm bought US-based IN/US, which manufactures the world’s market-leading detector for beta radiation.