Kimberley’s savoury breakfast recipe is the perfect morning-after pick-me-up

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When Kimberley Shepherd was a teenager she had no interest in healthy eating. But everything changed when her sister Samantha was diagnosed with leukaemia at 17.

Kim initiated a promotional film that helped raise £150,000, enabling Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust to build its Teenage Cancer Care Unit - and embraced a healthy lifestyle after her sister’s death at the age of 20.

Now 25, Kim is a health coach on a mission to improve wellbeing through her online 10-week plan Your New Life. She follows a strictly alkaline diet, avoiding meat, dairy, eggs, refined grains, bad fats, stimulants and sugars. She shares with readers her favourite breakfast recipe perfect for the day after a few glasses of wine.

Clean and lean power breakfast:


2 cups Quinoa

Handful samphire

Handful spinach

2 tsp coconut oil

8 cherry tomatoes

1 avocado

1 pinch lemon zest

1 pinch fresh thyme

Cayenne pepper

Black pepper

1 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

Ground nuts and seeds


Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Add the quinoa and simmer on a very low heat until all the water has been absorbed. Keep topping the pan up with water until the point where the quinoa is swollen and soft.

Put coconut oil into a small pan. Add samphire, spinach, tomatoes, lemon rind and thyme. Simmer in the oil for a couple of minutes, until the spinach is just wilted. Remove from the heat.

Put the quinoa and cooked veg in a bowl and add half a chopped avocado, a sprinkling of ground nuts and seeds, a dash of olive oil and whatever else takes your fancy. I added ground, black pepper and cayenne pepper to spice things up a little, but you can get as creative with the toppings as you like.

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Last week’s dish, tried & tasted

Karen Perkins, a life, career and social media coach, who runs Sheffield’s branch of the Clandestine Cake Club, took last week’s Ready, Steady challenge and tried oXyFire Media Creative boss Jenny Alsina’s paella recipe:

I usually love baking cakes; cooking paella was a refreshing savoury challenge and something I’ve always wanted to try, having enjoyed it on holiday. Ingredients were easy to track down and not too expensive; you only need a few of the ‘posh’ ones to garnish. It really was delicious, filling and easy to make - it’s really a good old-fashioned chicken, rice and peas dish. I needed six, not four, strands of saffron to get the lovely yellow colour and I used ’Bomba’ paella rice, but reckon short-grain will be fine next time. The recipe calls for lots of salt to bring out the taste and this was true. I will be experimenting with chopped chorizo or bacon chunks next time.