Invest in future urges Dragon

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Leading British entrepreneur Peter Jones has called on business to seize the opportunities offered by the recession.

Speaking at the official opening of MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival, in Sheffield City Hall, the serial entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den star said: “The recession definitely offers opportunties.

“It is absolutely the best time to start a business. I am far less pessimistic than the reports we read in the media.

“I get that we are in a financial crisis, that we don’t have money, that economies are borrowing more and more and cannot repay it, but we have huge opportunities to move forward, if we have the confidence to make it happen.”

Mr Jones called for a ‘seismic change’ in British attitudes to ensure that entrepreneurialism was taught in schools and widely encouraged and he criticised companies that were timidly holding back on investment.

“I say to you, now is the time. You have got to put your head above the parapet and invest in the future so that, when the recovery comes, you do well as a business,” he said.

He urged young entrepreneurs not to be put off by those who told them their ideas would never work.

“If you have a business idea and everyone is telling you that it won’t work, then you can guarantee there won’t be anyone else out there trying to start a similar business,” he added.