'Incredible response' as new coffee trailer opens at Graves Park in Sheffield

A Sheffield resident has opened up her own coffee trailer to make up for what she says is a lack of cafes in the area.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 4:06 pm

Run by Sophie Owen, 27, a full-time school worker from Fulwood, the menu offers organic espresso beverages, hot and cold drinks, snacks and sweet treats from early morning to late afternoon.

The business is located at the Charles Ashmore entrance next to the Tennis courts in Graves Park.

“A lot of people said I am a welcomed addition to the area because there aren't a lot of cafes where I am stationed. It is a huge place and people don’t usually walk the whole way around,” said Sophie.

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Sophie's Cake & Coffee

“For some it is really nice to come here for a coffee when they walk their dog as usually that wasn’t an option before.”

Having only opened a few days ago, it is already a thriving business and it is quickly gaining popularity on social media.

She says that customers have mentioned how the long queues in other cafes make her trailer a quick and easy alternative for them.

Sophie Owen, Sophie's Cake & Coffee

“So far the response has been incredible. Social media is helping a lot. Once I advertised it on Facebook and local groups, the response was huge and I didn’t expect it to be so quick,” said Sophie.

Last Sunday was the business’ most successful day. Even though the weather was “terrible”, unexpectedly chocolate brownies were already sold out.

“I have always wanted to have my own business. I renovated the trailer coffee and started this all on my own. It is a big decision and costs a lot of money,” said Sophie.

Sophie's Cake & Coffee

“I’ll just see how it goes and maybe open another trailer in the future or even a cafe shop one day. For now, I am hoping this business will lead to better things.”

Sophie's Cake & Coffee is open Thursday to Sunday this week from 9am to 4.30pm.

She usually posts on social media to let people know what days she’s in the park each week.

You can visit Sophie's Cake & Coffee on Facebook and Instagram.

Sophie's Cake & Coffee
Sophie's Cake & Coffee
Sophie's Cake & Coffee trailer