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Animal rights: Jonny Mears
Animal rights: Jonny Mears
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Diehard carnivores should perhaps prepare to eat their words...

A host of keen cooks are preparing their tastiest meat and dairy-free food to tempt visitors into eating less meat at Sheffield’s vegan food fair this weekend.

Chef Jonny Mears, 25, a cook at the Blue Moon Cafe, is amongst them. The Blue Moon is a city centre meat-free Mecca which has won over countless veggies, vegans and carnivores alike with its hand-cooked casseroles, quiches and cakes.

Jonny became a vegetarian at 11 and a vegan at 19. “It was for animal rights reasons. I researched the way dairy cattle are treated and didn’t like what I found,” he says.

He’ll be demonstrating how to make the meat substitute seitan from wheat gluten, plus dairy-free chocolate truffles and vegan curries at the fair, being staged on Saturday 11am-4pm at the Quaker Meeting House, St James Street.

But he’s far from the only one, says Dawn Biram, of Sheffield Animal Friends, organisers of the totally free event, which also features talks on veganic food-growing, healthy vegan nutrition and animal rights.

“Local vegan and vegetarian businesses and many of our members will be making food. We know many people would like to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables and reduce the use of animal products in their diets for all sorts of reasons. We want to provide help them get started, find good recipes and products.”