How Speakup is helping local homes learn about smart meters

Ready for a smart meter and need help arranging one? Rotherham-based charity Speakup is ready to help older people, anyone who is blind or partially sighted or people with learning disabilities.

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Thursday, 18th November 2021, 1:05 pm
Smart meters could help households stay in control of their energy usage

Speakup is working with Smart Energy GB and National Energy Action supporting the rollout of smart meters.

The main aim of this work at the moment is to tell people who are offline about smart meters.

The benefits of smart meters and the in-home display

Did you know, that smart meters work without needing to be connected to the internet?

You can contact your gas or electricity supplier who can tell you if you are eligible for a smart meter.

To save money with a smart meter, you need to make changes using the information the in-home display (IHD) shows you. You might not save money if you don’t do this.

Smart meters along with the in-home display have many benefits because they could help households stay in control of their energy usage.

Smart meters send your gas and electricity readings directly to your energy supplier so you don’t have to – so no strangers need to come into the house to take a reading.

A smart meter and in-home display could help you with your household budgeting. The in-home display which you can get with your smart meter shows you the amount of energy you have used in pounds and pence. This helps you to keep a closer eye on your energy spending habits. This could help you find ways to reduce energy waste around your home and save money.

Getting a smart meter and Accessible in-home display

When you are asking for a smart meter from an energy supplier, have your gas and electricity account number(s) ready when you ring your energy company. You can find this on your bill.

If your meters are in a difficult place, it might also be a good idea to take a photo of where the meter is in your home and send it to your supplier; they will let you know the address to send this to. The energy company will then be able to work out if they can fit one for your household.

There is now a new version of the in-home display (IHD) that is helpful for older people, blind or partially sighted people or those who have learning disabilities. People may need to ask their supplier for an accessible in-home display (AIHD) when a smart meter is fitted.

An accessible in-home display has all the features of a regular smart meter in-home display, with the addition of accessibility features which include:

Tactile buttons

Text-to-speech function

Adjustable volume

Large typeface

A high contrast colour scheme screen optimised for visual impairment and colour blindness

Let us help you

If you don't have anyone around to support you and don't feel confident in doing this yourself, Speakup can help you do this.

Please ring the Speakup office number with your energy details to hand on a Tuesday morning, and their team will do this with you. The number to call is 01709 720462.

Changing to a smart meter is a great idea because it could benefit your household and Great Britain. Get switching your meter - ring your energy company today!

Consumer action required

Eligibility of smart meters and IHD/AIHD may vary