Hiring youths to be subsidised

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Wage subsidies are to be introduced for firms taking on young workers in Rotherham, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will announce today.

The Sheffield Hallam MP is to launch the incentive for 20 ‘unemployment hotspots’ around the country - the areas with the worst levels of long-term youth unemployment.

The subsidy of £2,275 per person will be available for companies hiring young workers in the 20 hotspots, which include Rotherham.

Mr Clegg, speaking at the CBI summit today, will say: “These are our children and they are in their hour of need.

“Many of them already find the odds stacked against them.

“They’re less likely to hold down a steady job or earn a good wage, more likely to end up alienated, marginalised, depressed. And everyone else picks up the bill.

“Youth unemployment isn’t just an unforgivable economic waste - it’s a human tragedy too.”