Hi-tech cooling

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London Fire Brigade has stopped getting hot under the collar about fuel bills, thanks to Doncaster plumbing specialist Pegler Yorkshire.

The Brigade is one of a number of organisations benefiting from an innovative programmable device, developed by Pegler to control individual radiators, hour by hour.

Pegler’s Terrier i-temp controller can be fitted to existing radiators without changing the central heating system, or the way it is programmed.

Each radiator can then be set to turn on and heat the room to the required temperature, when needed.

In the home, the Terrier i-temp could be used to turn the heating on in a living room before the family arrives home, while not heating the bedrooms until shortly before individual members of the family go to bed.

In commercial applications, like the Fire Brigade’s offices, it has been used to allow shared accommodation and offices to be heated while areas that are unoccupied for lengthy periods are only heated just before and while they are being used.

The Brigade fitted Terrier i-temp devices to 10 radiators to test the system and was so impressed it is now fitting them to other offices and fire stations.

“We were very impressed,” said London Fire Brigade environmental and energy officer Ian Shaw. “It is an ideal solution for us.”