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A new commercial property consultancy has been launched in Sheffield to act exclusively for commercial tenants and people acquiring premises.

Chris Johnson, founder of the company, called Otteno, based at Velocity House, believes there could be a conflict of interest if companies represent both landlords and tenants.

“Establishing the correct rent for premises is based on comparing the rents that similar buildings in similar areas fetch,” says Mr Johnson, who also founded GP Surveyors, the Sheffield-based surveyors that specialise in the care industry.

“If a surveyor is attempting to drive up rents on one day when they are working for a landlord, and then driving rents down on another day when they’re working for a tenant, surely the surveyor cannot ever achieve the best deal for both clients?

“This is why Otteno will only work for tenants and acquirers so we will only ever have their interests at heart.

“Business tenants have been under-represented for years and they are constantly losing out to property savvy landlords, using tough surveyors, who negotiate premises deals with only the needs of the landlord in mind.”