Hard drive shredder turns disc to dust

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A SHEFFIELD waste firm is offering the ultimate in data protection - hard drive shredding.

Firms can have unwanted discs ground to dust on their own premises after a specialist mincing machine was installed in a truck.

The service, offered by Russell Richardson & Sons, starts at a £5 for one. Prices fall as the volume goes up. The machine can pulverise 400 hard drives an hour.

Jonathan Richardson, managing director, said while it was possible to completely and permanently wipe a hard drive without destroying it, many companies preferred to see them shredded on their own premises for “100 per cent peace of mind.”

He added: “It is still commonplace for old computer hard drives to simply be discarded or auctioned for re-use – many with company data still intact.

“By being careless with old computer equipment companies are not only potentially in breach of the Data Protection Act but it also makes them extremely vulnerable to criminal activity, where the repercussions can stretch further than a monetary fine.”

As well as corporate espionage, firms also have to beware of the Information Commissioner who can impose large fines on companies whose employee data goes astray.

Companies House figures show there are up to 100 cases of corporate identity theft every month, Mr Richardson added.

The firm is based on Clay Street, Attercliffe, and has been running for 33 years.

It is a founding member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Europe and The Security Alliance,

Helen Hall, of UFI, said: “We use the service because we have complete peace of mind.”