Hallam designers go ‘Dippy’ over egg deal

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Designers from Sheffield Hallam University have helped to crack a problem that has plagued calamitous cooks for ages.

When food firm Pork Farms solved the problem of how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg, it found itself with a new problem.

How was it going to package its new product – dubbed the “Dippy Egg” – for supermarket shelves.

The company turned to Hallam’s Design Futures consultancy which created the external packaging and an internal holder to protect the part-boiled egg in transit and double as an egg cup after boiling water has been poured in to complete the cooking process.

Pork Farms’ technical director, Ian Taylor, said: “The original concept pack consisted of an old soup pot and two milk bottle tops but within an hour Design Futures had generated several new ideas on how the concept could be brought to life.

“Using the modelling and forming equipment in their workshop, Design Futures produced prototype packs that we were able to use to demonstrate the product to our customers.”

John Kirkby, creative director of Design Futures, says Pork Farms’ new product has picked up a lot of attention in a very short space of time, largely thanks to Hallam’s design team coming up with a solution that met a very tight deadline

“This great piece of design work illustrates what Sheffield Hallam’s in-house agency stands for – creating ambitious and modern packaging concepts that are truly innovative and add value to products,” Mr Kirkby added.