GUTS £250k cost all private sector

Get Up To Speed Magna Rotherham Virtual Welder application as a training tool
Get Up To Speed Magna Rotherham Virtual Welder application as a training tool
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This was the private sector at its best - the Get Up To Speed event at Magna cost £250,000 to stage and it didn’t cost the taxpayer a penny.

That’s according to Master Cutler David Grey who attended the event yesterday, which was organised by the work-wise Foundation.

His calcluations included the hire of the hall and some exhibits as well as the expense and staff costs of more than 40 firms who put on a host of exciting exhibits.

He added: “This is absolutely the kind of thing we need to bring the next generation into manufacturing, to dispel the myth of the dark satanic mills.

“This is an exciting sector to be in. If you walk around you will see the enthusiasm.”

The Master had a go at virtual reality welding on a simulator run by Lincoln Welding.

He added: “Twenty five years ago you would have need the kit, the steel and the health and safety certificates. This is brilliant.

“The private sector is getting it’s act together with the organisational skills of work-wise.

“There’s a commercial reason for being here, manufacturing is growing and we need young people.

“It’s a recognition that we need a new raw material - young people with skills and the motivation.

“Manufacturing in the UK comprises 11 per cent of the economy - in Sheffield City Region its almost 20 per cent, so they are absolutely needed.”

The fifth GUTS event had help from teenage Cutlers Company and STEM ambassadors.

The Master added: “It’s not just for kids, it’s designed by kids as well. Aspiration and confidence are part of the whole programme. You will not achieve unless you know what it is you want.”