Green gas platform for ITM Power

Graham Cooley'ITM Power
Graham Cooley'ITM Power
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ITM Power, the Sheffield-based green energy company, has become part of a network of companies developing systems to store energy generated by wind and solar power by turning it into hydrogen gas across the Mediterranean region.

The newly formed Mediterranean Power-to-Gas Platform (MP2G) brings together businesses in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

It parallels the development of the North Sea Power-to-Gas platform (NSP2G).

ITM’s chief executive, Dr Graham Cooley, said: “Power-to-Gas energy storage is the lowest cost long term energy storage technique and is being deployed all over Europe and we are delighted to be part of this new initiative.”

ITM has developed technology that efficiently uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. While the oxygen is released into the atmosphere, the hydrogen can be stored and used as a fuel for vehicles, industry or domestic applications.

ITM has also joined the board of the California Hydrogen Business Council.

Geoff Budd, from ITM, has been unanimously elected a ‘Director at Large’ of the Council, which promotes the growth of the hydrogen business economy.

California was the first US state to call for a hydrogen grid to be established for energy storage and distribution and is promoting the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to meet its zero emissions objectives.