Greek export first

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Energy saving specialist EMSc has scored its first success in mainland Greece – despite the economic crisis which is gripping the country.

Rotherham-based EMSc has completed an export order from Goody’s - one of Greece’s leading fast food chains – to supply its Powerstar voltage optimisation system for the firm’s restaurant in the Sykies district of Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki.

The Powerstar cuts power consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and ensures a longer life for equipment by matching the voltage supplied to commercial premises to the requirements of electrical equipment inside.

In the UK, supply voltages are around 242V, but the equipment usually only needs 230V and the excess voltage is dissipated as heat, which not only wastes electricity but also shortens the lifespan of the equipment.

The voltage supplied in Greece is generally lower than in the UK – 232V in the Goody’s store – so the potential savings were less, but still enough to result in consumption, measured by the Greek electricity authority, falling by almost 8 per cent.

EMSc hopes the Greek success will persuade some UK based fast food chains to capitalise on the even higher savings that Powerstar could offer them.

Genesis Park-based EMSc is also helping homeowners to cut their electricity bills through its VO4HOME business.