Government win for eco fuel firm

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Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has secured a double breakthrough in this country and Germany.

The Sheffield company has beaten off tough competition to win the first order for its technology from a UK Government agency.

Meanwhile, the company has signed an agreement with German energy group NetzDienste Rhein-Main, which makes ITM NRM’s preferred partner for power to gas projects across Germany and the rest of the world.

ITM designs and manufacturers electrolysers which use electricity generated from renewable resources to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen can be stored – overcoming criticisms about the intermittent nature of energy produced by wind, wave and solar power. It can then be used to fuel generators, turned back into electricity in a fuel cell or injected directly into the gas mains.

ITM says both deals endorse the competitiveness and reliability of its technology.

The contract with the UK Government agency was won in a competitive tendering process which judged companies’ technologies on the basis of price, performance, compliance, delivery and timescale.

When complete, the site will not only be used to generate hydrogen for the unnamed agency, but will also be used as a demonstration site where other Government bodies will be able to assess the potential for using the technology themselves.

The deal with NRM also involved a rigorous assessment and follows on from ITM’s work with NRM to deliver a ‘Power to Gas’ plant to the Thüga Group, the largest network of energy companies in Germany.