Gok Wan celebrates ‘tribal’ city fashion

Gok Wan at one of his fashion brunches.
Gok Wan at one of his fashion brunches.
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Award-winning TV presenter and stylist Gok Wan is coming to Sheffield next weekend for a day full of fabulous fashion and food.

I was lucky enough to speak to Gok ahead of his Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion Brunch Club, which is taking place at Cutlers Hall on Saturday, June 3.

A model at one of Gok Wan's fashion brunches.

A model at one of Gok Wan's fashion brunches.

Gok, who has been on our screens helping women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies for 12 years, said: “It’s going to be an explosion, a celebration of fashion.

“The idea came from wanting to take what I do on TV on the road, but we also wanted to make it more inclusive and show people what was available in their city.

“I’ve always been a huge advocate of the fact that you don’t have to get on a train and travel five hours to get wonderful fashion - you should celebrate what’s on your doorstep.

“People can expect to see gorgeous clothes and beautiful models. You can also eat and drink as much - or as little - as you want. As long as people relax and have fun.”

The event will offer fashionistas clothing tips and a seasonal trend demo.

After brunch, Gok will present a catwalk show and a body shape master class which will teach women how to dress and style themselves according to their individual shape and size.

There is also a surprise in store for attendees - but Gok was keeping tight-lipped about what that will be. The fashion show will include clothes taken from Sheffield shops, both high street and boutique, and although Gok wasn’t ab.

Gok, who has filmed in Sheffield for his series Gok’s Clothes Road Show, said he is looking forward to returning to the city.

“I think Sheffield is quite tribal in its style. You have the vintage kids because of course there are so many great vintage shops, and it also has quite a young crowd because of the universities.

“That also means that you get people from all over the world, so you get this beautiful mix of flavours.

“You also have the kids who want the designer clothes and those who want more classic styles.”

Gok added that the event appeals to women of all ages.

“I’d say it spans about four generations. You get people coming with their mums and also their grannies.

“Some people come because they want to learn about their bodies and some people come because they love clothes.

“I just love to meet people.

“I’m usually separated from people by a glass box - the TV - but it’s really nice to meet them in person and hear their stories.”