Fuel pumps empty after panic buying

No Diesel signs at the southern petrol station at Meadowhall after the panic buying of motorists yesterday
No Diesel signs at the southern petrol station at Meadowhall after the panic buying of motorists yesterday
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PETROL pumps ran dry in Sheffield and filling stations closed early as motorists across the city continued to panic-buy fuel.

Drivers ignored advice that any potential fuel tanker strike would take place after the Easter break and flocked to filling stations for the second day running.

Petrol station workers reported fuel running out at forecourts across the city.

Kerry Tomlison, from Texaco on City Road, said: “It was even busier yesterday than it was on Thursday and we had a tanker first thing yesterday morning.

“There are a lot of people panic buying - they’ve been filling up jerry cans as well as their cars.”

At the Sainsbury’s south filling station near Meadowhall, diesel had run out by lunchtime.

Worker Michael Green said: “It was very busy yesterday morning and by lunchtime we had run out of diesel.

“We sold a lot of fuel on Thursday and yesterday morning was really busy too.

“Most of our customers use diesel so after we put a sign up to say we’d run out, it quietened down.

“It’s not been as busy as it was during the fuel crisis in 2000 - it was absolutely manic then and we really did have problems with traffic causing congestion.”

Norfolk Park Service Station also ran out of unleaded and diesel.

Malcolm Kay, who works at the station, said: “We’ve had plenty of queues and it’s for no reason - it’s madness.

“We ran out of normal unleaded and diesel yesterday but we are expecting a delivery today.”

Meanwhile, at Shell Crest on Handsworth Road, petrol and diesel were running out fast yesterday.

Employee Scott Gascoigne said: “We have got diesel and unleaded left but not much and we had a delivery yesterday morning. We’ve been really busy.

“People are panicking but nobody is admitting that they are panicking.

Unite union, which represents the fuel tanker drivers said there would be no action before Easter.

Union representatives are to sit down with conciliation service Acas on Monday in a bid to avert a strike.

If members vote in favour of action, seven days’ notice must be given before a strike can take place - making action over Easter weekend unlikely.

Panic buying of fuel began after motorists were advised by the government to top up their tanks ahead of a possible strike.