From blowers to Rolls Royce parts

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When Baker Blower started out in 1873, it did “what is says on the tin.”

The company made Baker Blowers which were massive, belt-driven machines that forced air into open hearth steel furnaces to get the steel making process going.

“The last one was built in the 1950s, when electric arc furnaces came in and made open hearth furnaces redundant,” explains Baker Blower’s head of engineering Steven Hill.

Baker Blower switched to general engineering, but, within 20 years, realised it needed to move up market if it was to ensure it had a secure, long term future.

The company gained approval from Rolls-Royce to make critical parts and went on to invest in CNC machinery in the 1990s, installing the machines in the newest part of its factory, built in the 1960s.

“We’ve built up quite a reputation throughout Sheffield as a well-established engineering company, turning out quality products,” adds Mr Hill.