Floods of problems

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The floods which hit the Sheffield area in 2007 may have focused local businesses’ minds on the need to have a Business Continuity plan, but it isn’t necessarily a major disaster that can threaten a company.

“It can be anything from wind damaging the roof to a power cut, fire, theft, environmental issues, transport problems – a lot of things that people haven’t considered because they haven’t done a risk assessment,” says Neil Stephenson of Onyx.

“We did have a customer that was having problems with the air conditioning in the summer and had to vacate the premises while the system was refurbished because it was too hot to work there.”

People often focus on the loss of profit and assets, but one of the messages of Business Continuity Awareness Week is that the damage goes far beyond that.

“There could be 10 years of your life that you have put in and you could see that destroyed,” says Mr Stephenson.