Flood alert system buoys Detectronic

Oliver Harrison of Detectronic installing a sensor
Oliver Harrison of Detectronic installing a sensor
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A Sheffield company is helping to keep hundreds of special nature sites safe from flooding after winning a major contract with Severn Trent Water.

Detectronic is installing ultrasonic equipment that raises the alarm if flood water or sewage threaten sites of special scientific interest (SSSI). Data is transmitted to headquarters for analysis before instructions are sent to Severn Trent’s maintenance teams.

Dave Walker, Detectronic commercial director, said: “These sites are under constant pressure from development, pollution and climate change so their preservation and protection is vital and organisations like Severn Trent have a strict duty of care to protect, manage and maintain them.

“There are over 4,100 SSSIs in England, each of which is internationally important. They represent the country’s very best wildlife and geographical sites and include some of our most spectacular and beautiful habitats such as wetlands, rivers and beaches.”

“Heapham Lake in Gainsborough, East Yorkshire, is one example. Any blockage in a sewer in the area could potentially cause sewage to leak into the lake. The ability to identify any problems and respond quickly is imperative and this is where Detectronic come in.”

The £2m turnover company is recording average growth of 35 per cent year-on-year. It employs 24 in offices in Sheffield and Colne, Lancashire.

Severn Trent is responsible for 91,000km of sewers and drains – enough to circle the earth twice – and has to ensure its sewers remain free flowing.

The water company employs 2,000 people to maintain sewers that stretch across the heart of the UK from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

Zelia Lyne, of Severn Trent Water, said: “Working alongside Detectronic who monitor the network for us seven days a week, is helping us to prevent incidents occurring and is providing Severn Trent with in-depth data which enables us to manually intervene if necessary. Having such accurate information at our fingertips and the opportunity to share it with the correct teams here is invaluable.”