Firms’ £888m hangover

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Hung-over Britons will cost bosses £888 million this Christmas, according to a new report by Travelodge.

Seven out of ten workers are ready to party on at least two nights over the next seven working days and that means employers can expect a day of lost productivity as their workforce spends at least three and half hours nursing a raging hangover on the morning after, says the hotel group.

Travelodge surveyed 6,000 British workers and found that the traditional office party, laid on by the boss, is dying out.

Less than one in four bosses plan to arrange an all expenses paid party this year, compared with more than one in three last year.

Almost half the workforce will pay for their annual Christmas works do, with the average cost being £50.

Seven out of ten Britons will have at least two work related Christmas dos this year. One evening will be spent with their colleagues and line manager and the other night out will be with friends from work or suppliers. More than a third of workers will also attend their partner’s Christmas work’s night out. A quarter of British employees will call in ‘sick’ after their Christmas works night out due to a raging hangover, but only one in ten will tell their manager that they cannot come into work due to a hangover.

British workers will drink on average 7.3 units of alcohol during their Christmas work’s night out.

Men plan to drink an average of 9.6 units, nearly three times the recommended limit, while women say they are likely to drink an average of 5.6 units -well over twice their recommended daily limit.