Firm’s clean sweep in sterile facilities

Granton Medical, Parkwa, Janet Flynn and Mandy Brown hand packing
Granton Medical, Parkwa, Janet Flynn and Mandy Brown hand packing
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Granton Medical is targeting major growth after launching a new business called Cleanpack to act as a one stop packaging shop for manufacturers of medical devices.

The move came in direct response to tougher health industry standards, which mean devices that previously didn’t need to be sterile must now go through the process – and that means they also need to be enclosed in secure, sterile packaging.

“A lot of manufacturers of medical devices can’t afford or don’t want to set up a clean room, but need to put their products in a sterile pack,” says Granton’s Katie Kirkby.

Cleanpack handles medical products ranging from small screws to implants and instruments.

It has the capability to ultrasonically clean and degrease them, removing particles of metal, dirt or other contaminants that come from the manufacturing process.

Cleanpack also has the equipment to ‘passivate’ metal devices – accelerating the build up of a protective oxide coating on the device’s surface.

It will assemble devices from customers’ components, if required and can wash and thermally disinfect a device before rinsing it in ultra pure water from its own state-of-the-art purification plant and packing it in anything from paper and film packs to blister packs and thermoformed plastic.

The firm uses ISO accredited companies to carry out the sterilisation process, but will handle the quality assurance documentation on a client’s behalf.

Katie Kirkby reckons that range of services is pretty much unique.

“We are the only people outside the US that have self-seal sterilisation pouches. As far as we are aware, we are the only ones that do thermal washing and disinfection and I think we are the only ones that offer passivation – certainly the only people in this region,” she says.

Katie Kirkby sees potential for significant growth and says Cleanpack is ideally placed in South Yorkshire and the wider Yorkshire region, which she sees as the UK’s hub for manufacturing medical devices.

There could even be opportunities to work with US medical devices businesses selling into the UK and Europe, that might prefer to have their products cleaned, packed, sterilised and documented closer to their end users.

Meanwhile, the company is also looking to continental Europe as a potential source of custom for its own brand and private label self seal sterilisation packaging and seeking to broaden the range of products which it makes and distributes.