Firm launched ‘best value broadband’

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Plusnet, the Sheffield-based Internet Service Provider, has launched what it claims is the best value broadband service using fibre optic technology in the UK.

The company, which became part of BT just over four years ago, has been running trials with customers who have found download speeds more than trebling as a result.

This week it launched the new Plusnet Fibre service to the wider world.

Chief executive, Jamie Ford, said: “Plusnet Fibre is the next generation of broadband and 96 per cent of our trialists say they would recommend the service to friends. This will really benefit households where there are several users and with increased speeds, it makes it possible to download a 30 minute TV show in less time than it takes to make the cup of tea to enjoy with it as you sit down to watch.”

Plusnet is using ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ technology or ‘FTTC’ which connects telephone exchanges to street cabinets by fibre optic cable and offers speeds of up to 40Mbps (million bits per second).

The speed boost makes it easier to deliver broadband services which need more bandwidth, such as High Definition video, catch-up TV – allowing users to see programmes they have missed - online games and video chat.

Plusnet says the trials showed that users had changed their habits as a result of having the faster service.

Three out of four people involved in the trials increased their use of the internet, with almost one in seven reporting combined use of the internet by household members of 10 to 15 hours a day.

Four out of five people started using the internet to catch up on TV programmes they had missed and around one in 10 were now taking part in video chat.

Around one in 10 had also started playing games online and a similar proportion had bought an additional computer for the home as a result.

More than one in eight triallists said they had now started working from home.