Export drive leads to new successes

Connexion2's Identicom protection device for lone workers
Connexion2's Identicom protection device for lone workers
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Award-winning South Yorkshire security technology specialist Connexion2 has unveiled a series of international partnerships to fuel its overseas expansion.

The Dinnington company has been targeting overseas markets with the help of UK Trade and Investment and has signed agreements with companies in Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Connexion2's chief executive, Craig Swallow

Connexion2's chief executive, Craig Swallow

Deals with Kötter Services, in Germany, and GSS Management, in Australia have already resulted in international accolades for Connexion2’s Identicom security device for people working on their own.

GSS Management won the award for Best New Product with the Identicom device at a Security exhibition in Sydney, shortly after which Kötter gained the Security Innovation Award at Security Essen for developing a system incorporating the Identicom.

Connexion2’s chief executive, Craig Swallow, said: “These partnerships are an important and significant step in our overseas strategy.

“The combination of our expertise and knowledge of Identicom alongside our partners awareness and experience of their home markets is an excellent match that has the potential to grow rapidly and establish Identicom as a world leader in lone worker protection.”

Connexions’s Identicom device looks like a normal name badge, but incorporates mobile communications technology to enable staff working on their own to raise an alarm if they are threatened.

The badge transmits a signal which tells security staff exactly where the worker is and allows them to listen in and record what is happening with such clarity that it can be used in the courts in evidence.

The lanyard on which the badge is worn also incorporates an alarm which is automatically triggered if anyone tries to tear the badge off.

Last year, Connexion2 launched Identicom mobile, a new product for lone workers who face infrequent risk. It can run on a Blackberry smartphone or Windows Mobile device.