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Consultancy: Nick Malaczynski.
Consultancy: Nick Malaczynski.
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Route to success for Nick

NICK Malaczynski was brought up in Dronfield and started his career with UK Provident in Sheffield, after graduating in Economics at Hull University.

He joined the world’s largest proprietary financial services group, US-based Etna and spent 10 years with the firm, working in London, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Latin America, various parts of Europe and the United States.

Much of his time was spent with Etna’s wealth insurance group, looking after in-house asset investments, building businesses that would create a US-based product to sell to emerging markets and vice-versa and developing one of the first UCITS – investments in transferable securities that could be created in one EU state and sold throughout the rest.

By the time he met business partner Alex Burn, he was working on his own as a consultant for clients in South Africa as well as other parts of the world.

The two merged their businesses and went on to develop an asset swap investment product that allowed South Africans to invest abroad at a time when other types of overseas investment were prevented by exchange controls.