Euro MP in talks with clean coal firms over future plans

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Euro MP Linda McAvan is optimistic that clean coal power station plans in Doncaster can pave the way for Yorkshire to become a world leader in green technologies.

The Don Valley Power Project, at Hatfield Colliery, has already been allocated €180 million of EU funding while two other companies investing in carbon capture and storage, Alstom/Drax and C.GEN, have also submitted bids.

The Wath-based MEP this week met the companies involved in the plans in the European Parliament in Brussels at an event hosted by CO2Sense, part of the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.

She said: “It’s exciting to see Yorkshire at the forefront of green technology. The region is leading the world on carbon capture and storage technology and I think it’s important to recognise this and support it

“The EU funding the Don Valley Power Project in Hatfield has already been granted will help lay the foundation for an infrastructure that will play a massive part in how we manage our carbon emissions.

“It is hoped that if the two other bids are successful then the infrastructure for carbon capture and storage in Yorkshire could be in place as early as 2015 but it is not just the environment that will benefit.

“By taking a lead in carbon capture and storage Yorkshire will not just be tackling climate change but also providing new jobs and boosting the local economy.”