Ecclesall Road trader blasts Sheffield City Council plans for 12 hour bus lanes

Traders on Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road told a council chief that plans for 12 hour bus lanes would be a big hit to their businesses, and some would close ‘immediately’ as a result.

Thursday, 16th December 2021, 10:14 am

Councillor Douglas Johnson and Green candidate Peter Gilbert yesterday (December 15) met with traders on Ecclesall Road to discuss their concerns over plans for a 12 hour bus lane.

The proposal which is currently under consultation, would prevent vehicles, parking, stopping, and unloading on Ecclesall Road and Abbeydale Road between 7am-7pm.

David Hill, of Hallmark Goldsmiths, said to Douglas: “You obviously haven’t thought it through at all. I heard your interview where you were under some sort of illusion that you could park all day here and walk into town. I think you got your facts wrong there.

David Hill of Hallmark Goldsmiths told Douglas that he didn't think he had thought through the bus lane plan.

"If they can’t park on the front where are they going to park? People come from far and wide to find the old Sheffield skills that I possess.

"How are we supposed to be able to move stock directly into our vehicles and our cabinets?”

Several business owners on the road expressed concern over ability to get stock delivered if vehicles were unable to unload between 7am-7pm, and others were concerned that the footfall lost from drivers would not be compensated for by an increase in bus users.

Nasar Raoof, owner of Banner Cross post office, told Douglas: “The minute those guys come to put the lines on the road I will shut up shop immediately. Customers need parking space to drop off stuff.

"They can’t take 20 kilo parcels on the bus. In the morning when we don’t have that parking available, we don’t have any business. The bus lane is not what this place needs. We have done the poll work and the research and it isn’t going to be viable. We do need a greener society, I have been part of Extinction Rebellion, but you also have to think about business.”

Speaking to Sheffield Telegraph during his walk along Ecclesall Road, Douglas said: “It has been really interesting and really useful. Some people are angry but what is important is when they explain how it is going to affect them and what their issues and desires are.

“I think that the principle of supporting bus lanes is a good one. It’s also important that there are enough independent businesses.”