Eat your way to a facelift...

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If you want to roll back the years, try laying off the expensive lotions and potions and eating your way to a facelift with watercress.

The old adage of beauty coming from within may have been borne out by a new study.

In a small test, 10 out of 11 saw visible improvements to their skin after just four weeks of adding one bag of watercress a day to their diet.

One woman managing to reduce her facial wrinkles by an incredible 39 per cent.

The 11 women, aged 23 to 58, began by having their faces photographed using a VISIA complexion analysis system which gives a reading of skin wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots and red areas.

After four weeks of eating 80g of raw watercress a day the volunteers had their skin reassessed by the VISIA camera. During the trial the volunteers made no other changes to their usual health and beauty regime.

The Watercress Alliance say all but one volunteer saw a positive improvement in their skin, seven women saw an improvement in their wrinkles and eight found their skin texture was better. Five saw a reduction in their brown spots and three found an improvement in their UV spots.

The health boosting properties of watercress were promoted by the pharaohs in Egypt and the ancient Greeks. In the 16th century philosopher, statesman and scientist Francis Bacon claimed watercress could restore a youthful bloom to women.

Dr Sarah Schenker, a leading nutritionist and dietician who oversaw the study, said: “Watercress is a rich source of beta carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is a powerhouse of nutrients important for maintaining good skin.”

Kelly’s look

A REGULAR on the red carpet, actress Kelly Brook is used to being in the spotlight and knows what it takes to look photo-finish flawless.

Now she’s brought out her own make-up range for New Look. The cosmetics range is a follow-on from her lingerie, swim and clothing collections, all with a signature 50s style.

The make-up collection features nail varnishes, concealer, bronzer, mascara, eye shadows and liners plus blushers and lip glosses. Prices start at £2.99.