Dyslexic Nick is welly boot entrepreneur - aged 20.

Wellington boot entrepreneur Nick Myers
Wellington boot entrepreneur Nick Myers
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A Sheffield entrepreneur has beaten dyslexia and business failure to set up a company selling a revolutionary new welly - and he’s still only 20.

Nick Myers is a UK distributor of Camminare boots after striking a deal with the Polish manufacturers.

Camminare boots

Camminare boots

Made from a lightweight plastic foam said to be more comfortable, lighter and warmer than rubber, they are set to give traditional wellies a run for their money, he says. So far, he’s sold more than 300 pairs after negotiating deals with six shops around the country and through his online shop.

And after moving into a unit at G4 Business Centre on Carlisle Street, Attercliffe, he has set up Emerge Sports to expand into wholesaling sports equipment.

He said: “I first tried Camminares at a trade show and they were really comfy. I saw massive potential because I know how many people hate traditional wellies.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a rapid conversion – it will take hard work to convince people they are better. You have to try them on to notice the difference but they’re getting good reviews.”

Nick, who lives with his mum and dad in Dronfield, will travel to Poland next week hoping to set up an import deal with a maker of fishing gear.

But success has been hard won. He was bullied at school, St Mary’s in Chesterfield, for having learning difficulties including dyslexia. Leaving at 16 he started an IT apprenticeship - until the boss of the company suggested he attend the Peter Jones Academy for entrepreneurs at The Sheffield College.

There, he set up B1 Withoutdoors to sell camping and fishing gear on eBay. But it folded in January after being priced out by copycats, he says.

Now, Emerge Sports works with two agents selling wellies and has one employee, Ruth Lucas, to help with marketing. He also has help from his parents, a fellow businessman on Carlisle Street and through the B4B breakfast networking group.

Nick added: “I’ve had my ups and downs but I still love being in business. It’s tough, lonely but exciting.”