Dormer launches iPhone App

Cutting edge: Dormer's App
Cutting edge: Dormer's App
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Dormer Tools has unveiled an iPhone App to help users to calculate the best drill diameter needed to create a specific thread size.

The Advanced Manufacturing Park-based company has developed the Dormer Tools Threadsize Calculator to help engineers and machinists.

Senior project manager Thomas Junfors said: “When you want to create a screw thread using a tap, you first need to pre-drill the hole.

“There are formulae that can be used to calculate the recommended tapping drill diameter, but as there are numerous different types and standards of taps available, the recommended dimensions can vary, so it is crucial to get this right.

“The App takes the user through each of the various steps and factors to calculate the right diameter.”

Dormer’s Threadsize Calculator is free to download from the iTunes App store and is the first in a series of Apps which Dormer plans to launch.

The company is working on a Product Selector App, which will give advice on the best cutting tool and versions for Android Smartphones.