Doncaster councillor earned £6.31... per minute

Doncaster's  Civic Offices.
Doncaster's Civic Offices.
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A Doncaster councillor spent just 42 minutes on council duties in a week, it has emerged.

Evidence from the last published allowances shows that, for each minute of work, the unnamed councillor was paid at least £6.31 - the equivalent of the hourly national minimum wage due to come into force in the autumn.

The ‘weekly workload’ was unearthed in a survey completed by 45 councillors in June as part of an electoral review to determine how many members are needed in Doncaster to deliver ‘effective and convenient local government’.

The amount of time per week members spent on duties ranged from the councillor paid at least £12,714 for their 42-minute week, to the 44 hours and 48 minutes completed by Coun Joe Blackham - who, since joining the cabinet in May this year, is paid a £24,000 salary.

Conservative party leader Coun Yvonne Woodcock said members should have their allowances cut if they fail to show up to meetings and seminars.

“If you don’t go, you don’t know what’s happening, and to me it’s important to know,” she said.

“Sometimes out of 63 councillors you might get seven. I know a lot of them do hardly anything and that includes my own party.”

Mayor Ros Jones - who was not required to fill in a survery but is the Labour Group leader - said: “As this was an insight poll, the survey does not fully take into account the differing flow in workloads over longer periods of time, holidays or sickness absence. Ward members are always available to listen to residents’ concerns. I know councillors work tirelessly for their constituents.”