#DisabilityWorks Employer of the Week: ROYAL MAIL

Susan Tomlinson working for the Royal Mail
Susan Tomlinson working for the Royal Mail
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More and more of Sheffield’s top businesses are realising the potential of disabled talent in their workforce – and Royal Mail is leading the way.

Susan Tomlinson has worked for Royal Mail as a recruitment advisor for more than 12 years.

She says she’s faced many challenges throughout her career but has not let anything get in her way to achieve her goals.

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“I’m a wheelchair user with a disability from birth, but didn’t let that stop me going after the job I really wanted at Royal Mail, and so I was really pleased when I was offered it.

“Being in a job is a no-brainer. It gives you self-worth and the ability to control your own finances. You are considered equal to your peers and have the freedom to do whatever you want in life.

“We are no different to any other employee really, except we are probably more loyal given the additional challenges of finding a job.”

Kay Clements, diversity inclusion manager at Royal Mail has first-hand experience of working with disabled people.

She said: “Disabled people are an integral part of our workforce and should be in any organisation. Our experiences have been really positive.”

Kay dispels some of the myths around recruiting people with disabilities, adding: “I think some employers may feel there’s going to be an issue about sick absence, but that’s not the case at all. It makes a real difference to be a disability employer and if you’re worried about going it alone there’s help and support available like the Access to Work programme which has helped many employees stay in work through small adjustments.

“To other employers considering employing disabled people I’d say it will add another dimension to you workforce.”

The results surely speak for themselves.

Royal Mail employs about 139,000 people nationally, of which about eight per cent have declared to have a disability.

Royal Mail has a long- established history of being an equal opportunities employer.

Kay added: “With the extra support, we’re looking forward to employing more disabled talent here at Royal Mail.”

For tailored recruitment support, go to: Click this link

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