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Danielle Reilly
Danielle Reilly
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The #DisabilityWorks campaign aims to show the benefits of employing disabled talent, for tailored recruitment support: Click this link Or call 0114 2760039.

Danielle Reilly, who works at Capita Sheffield, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and has struggled with severe pain and fatigue.

She has some advice for any disabled people wishing to work: ‘Don’t give up on work and your dreams – find a job that you can do whatever disability you have’.

She added: “I have worked at Capita for six years and they have been very supportive. Due to the extreme fatigue and pain I feel I have reduced my hours, which has really helped me in my working life and allowed me to work efficiently and comfortably.

“Capita has been great, they’ve also allowed adjustments to my working day meaning I can take frequent breaks to help my fatigue.

“Given my positive experience here, I would push all employers to take on people with disabilities. Disabled people are more passionate and more determined due to their limitations!”

By embracing Danielle’s disability and making the necessary changes the Capita Sheffield Partnership retained a loyal, determined and hardworking member of its team.

Paul Abraham, partnership director said: “When Danielle chose to move on for a different career she didn’t go too far – just another division of Capita.

“I hope the positive and flexible experience we gave her in the Partnership gave her confidence during some challenging times. Thanks to organisations like the DWP offering access to work help for those with disabilities we are able to retain valuable talent.”

n When Nicki Davies started working for Capita in 2009 as a housing benefits assessor, the firm wanted to ensure she was comfortable in her role and working environment.

Being profoundly deaf from birth, she often felt isolated and lonely. It is quite difficult for others to understand what she is trying to say, she says, and this has led people to avoid interaction.

Nicki said: “I can see people are becoming more aware that just because I am deaf and do not speak as clearly as other people it does not mean I am not interested or having nothing to say.

“I am grateful for the help and understanding that I have been shown and am pleased that more people seem to have an understanding of those who have impaired hearing.”

Team leader Sharon Young said: “In the short time I have been Nicki’s line manager I have had the opportunity to learn more about how her disability affects her and we have worked together towards improving her experience at work.

“For example, instead of relying on emails with Nicki, I will speak and listen to her in person and I have noticed others doing the same.”

Paul Abraham said they wanted to support her in every way they could.

He added: “We understand that employers can often find it hard to know how best to support colleagues with hearing impairments.

“But it is important to remember that interventions can be simple but make a massive impact on employees’ well-being.”

The #DisabilityWorks campaign aims to show the benefits of employing disabled talent, for tailored recruitment support: Click this link Or call 0114 2760039.