DEVOLUTION: The role involves what is important to local areas

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How is this deal different to idea of a city mayor?

The city mayors that were created in 2012 are effectively council leaders for a local authority – like mayor Ros Jones in Doncaster.

They have the same powers that a council leader has and, similarly, they only have control of the same things that a leader of a council does.

This is very different to a city region mayor.

Rather than being the leader of one council and responsible for things like social care, parking, or bin collection, the city region mayor will be responsible for the things that are jointly important to all the local authority areas in SCR.

These are things which cut across council boundaries such as transport, the bus network and setting out a plan for the city region’s key sites for business growth, transport and housing.

The Sheffield City Region (SCR) mayor is not a replacement for council leaders or mayors.

Indeed, he/she will work with the council leaders as part of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

Economies aren’t shaped by council boundaries – a city region mayor is for the economic area and the main responsibilities will be around growing the economy.

In our agreement, the Combined Authority (the nine leaders and the city region mayor) will have new powers too – including over skills.

The SCR mayor will not take any powers from councils in Sheffield City Region.