DEVOLUTION: Greater powers will come back to us from London

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Why do we need a city mayor to get devolved powers?

The Government has been clear that we need a mayor to access devolved powers and funding.

Doesn’t this just create an extra tier of Government?

No. The city region mayor would chair the combined authority which has been in place since April 2014. Devolution would primarily be about strengthening regional arrangements, with greater democratic accountability, and powers to take decisions which currently take place in London.

Does the mayor have powers over East Midlands area?

In part, yes. The proposal includes Bassetlaw and Chesterfield. That is because, independent analysis makes clear, these areas are closely linked to Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. Although the city region mayor will not have formal powers outside these areas, the mayor will act collaboratively across the wider Sheffield City Region on issues which impact the economy.

What will happen to Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire County Councils?

We are proposing that they become constituent members of the Mayoralty Combined Authority with respect to the areas of Bassetlaw and Chesterfield. Both county councils are important partners and have been helping prepare our proposal. In addition, we will of course be working with our neighbouring Local Enterprise Partnership called ‘D2N2’.

How will business, the Combined Authority, councils and the mayor work together?

The mayor will chair the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, whose members will serve as the mayor’s cabinet. Some functions will reside directly with the mayor (eg consolidating devolved transport budget) and others with the Combined Authority (eg housing).

The Local Enterprise Partnership will remain the key advisory body on economic policy.

Locally, the mayor will be held to account by voters with elections every four/five years, and the SCR Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Businesses have a critical role. The proposed mayor will be a member of the LEP, recognising the importance of the private sector.