Developers Grantside cut height of Sheffield city centre office block again in new attempt to please residents

Developers have lopped another floor off plans for an office block in Sheffield city centre in a third attempt to please residents.

Monday, 23rd May 2022, 11:38 am

Grantside has reduced 190 Norfolk Street to six stories with the upper floors ‘stepped back’ from residential courtyards and frosted glass on windows facing neighbouring flats.

The firm says it is responding to feedback again.

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Before and after. Grantside hopes its new, lower, design is acceptable to neighbours.

Grantside’s first design, for a 10-storey office, was met with overwhelming opposition last summer. Residents complained it would block natural light, destroy privacy and damage businesses. Some 127 people objected, with just one in support.

In December it lopped three storeys off and tried again. But after listening to neighbours and councillors it has changed plans a third time. The original ‘CN Tower’ name has also been ditched.

The clash between ‘city working’ and ‘city living’ will be watched closely - Sheffield City Council wants an extra 20,000 residents in the city centre to bring back ‘vibrancy’ after internet shopping and Covid shut dozens of stores.

From Charles Street.

But they must have somewhere to work. In December, the firm claimed the supply of Grade ‘A’ offices was at an historic low.

Grantside boss Steve Davis said: “We have listened to feedback from the first application and consider this to be a scheme providing access to good quality employment opportunities, in a building which is an exemplar in design.”

From Norfolk Street.

The block would have offices, shops, green walls and cycle storage and replace a 1960s building.

Responding to the new design, Star reader Mark Kahn said: “I think it looks better. What was being proposed before looked like a domino set on the brink of collapsing.”

On Twitter admkwsa said: “The design itself is good. But it does not match older building next to it.”

Biscotti said: “Ugly as hell. Preferred the higher rise version. Either do something to match the facade of the attractive building next door or something that has its own interesting attractive style, things like this look soulless and dated before they're even built.”

Michael Brown: “It seems to have become a better design as it has gone on. A marked improvement on the original. The original was completely 'top-heavy' in its design. The projecting windows/balconies made it look as though it was going to topple over!”

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