Demand for Sheffield office space is up by 78 per cent

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Demand for office space in Sheffield increased by 78 per cent in the last three months, far outstripping cities such as London and Manchester.

Figures released by a businesses search engine show Sheffield office space was the second-most in demand in the country between January and April, behind only Liverpool, compared to figures for the same period in 2015.

Demand rose in Manchester by 29 per cent and in London by 21 per cent.

Sheffield’s attraction is increasing despite the Government’s plans to move its business, innovation and skills office from the city to London, at a cost of 247 jobs.

Founder of Sheffield-based Human Recruitment Amy Stephenson said: “Over the past couple of decades Sheffield has reinvented itself and the local economy has evolved from one being almost solely dependent on the heavy industries such as mining and steel to a much more diverse business hub.

“It’s home to a range of established global brands, a centre of engineering excellence, as well as highly innovative, fast-growing technology and creative companies.

“It’s a great city in which to live and work in and it comes as no surprise that office space is in high demand. It seems a little short-sighted from the Government to relocate the department responsible for delivering the project from Sheffield to London.”

Head of strategy at Office Genie Peter Ames added: “A rise in office space demand is great news – it reflects a healthy business environment in which more businesses are being set up, and others are growing.

“It proves the north of England has been, and will continue to be, a hotbed of business activity in the UK, as it was long before the Northern Powerhouse was imagined.”