Dancing around the triple dip handbag

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We seem to fall into, or avoid, recessions on the thinnest of statistical margins and over-react accordingly!

But at local level there are a number of encouraging signs. The Advanced Manufacturing Park and NAMRC are expanding and are beacons for the region. Benefits will flow from Enterprise Zone status and from the Regional Growth Fund. The Global Manufacturing Festival and the Made in Sheffield Dinner again showcased the manufacturing prowess we have in the Sheffield City Region.

I am hugely encouraged by the attitude and approach of an increasing number of the entrepreneurs and managers I meet. They do not let the constant media diet of doom and gloom deflect them from their vision of where they want to be both personally and as a business. So let’s not fall into the trap of dancing around the triple dip (was there even a double dip?) handbag and instead carry on with creating a series of individual successes at micro level in the region.