Crossing borders for safety

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A DINNINGTON company that has made a major contribution to ensuring the safety of people working on their own is targeting overseas markets with the help of UK Trade and Investment.

Connexion2 is the company behind the Identicom device, which looks like a normal name badge, but incorporates mobile communications technology to enable staff working on their own to raise an alarm if they are threatened.

The badge transmits a signal which tells security staff exactly where the worker is and allows them to listen in and record what is happening with such clarity that it can be used in the courts in evidence.

The lanyard on which the badge is worn also incorporates an alarm which is automatically triggered if anyone tries to tear the badge off.

Up to three million people in the UK alone are classed as lone workers and Connexion2 already has contracts with a number of leading employers, including the NHS and BSkyB.

Founder Craig Swallow said: “We have already secured business in Australia and we’re now working with UKTI to expand into the United States and Germany where we have partners in place.

“Here in the UK we are led by strong HSE legislation concerning the legal responsibility between employer and employee. Not all countries are this advanced in their health and safety at work commitments, but the situation is improving and there is growing demand from overseas organisations and agencies to protect their workers.”

Connexion2 has joined UKTI’s Gateway to Global Growth programme, which is giving the company continuing support as it develops its international business profile.

UKTI advisor Irene Escudier-Balina is confident the company will fulfil its global ambitions.

She said: “I’ve worked with Connexion2 for some time now, and it’s amazing to see just how far the company has come, and how far it can potentially go, in terms of raising a successful international profile.

“Craig and his team are clearly very ambitious, but they’ve bided their time to hone their product and have showed commendable restraint to identify the right opportunities in overseas markets. Those opportunities are starting to come through thick and fast, and now they’ve got a foot in the door there’s no holding back.”