Couple have a ball with Four In A Bed!

Good fun: Peaks Inn owners Craig and Marie Harris are on Four In A Bed. PICTURE: steve parkin
Good fun: Peaks Inn owners Craig and Marie Harris are on Four In A Bed. PICTURE: steve parkin
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Peak District landlady Marie Harris loves the cult TV show Four In A Bed.

It’s the bitchy comments from contestants that have her hooked. But will she be able to take them if they’re being dished out in her direction?

Marie will find out next week, when she and husband Craig see their Castleton pub The Peaks Inn up against three other B&Bs in the hit Channel 4 show for five nights from Monday night.

Will the picky professional guests tear the Harris’s hospitality to shreds? The couple, who used to live in Handsworth and entered for the publicity, can only hope not. “We took over the pub last February and are very proud of the place. We thought getting on prime telly would be good for trade,” says Marie.

“I knew exactly what I was getting into because I rarely miss an episode. But I’m really nervous about watching next week. We got on well with everyone and tried to be very fair, but you just don’t know what gets edited out or what gets said behind your back,” she says. “One couple have become friends; I hope that friendship won’t be out of the window!”

Craig, from Attercliffe, had only seen a few episodes of Four In A Bed before signing up, but he does have previous when it comes to TV: he was one of MasterChef’s enthusiastic amateurs back in 2007.

He came second in one of the heats, having under-cooked a piece of sea bass but it was enough to make him realise he wanted a career in food.

He gave up his career as an IT consultant and the couple took on a pub on the Isle Of Wight before moving to Castleton.

Their pub was the last venue in two weeks of filming last November. The couple were filmed from 7am to midnight as they went about their duties. “Going last made it harder,” says Marie. “You could see how high the bar was being set - and we had to keep mum about where we from so the others didn’t check us out on Tripadvisor.”

The couple can’t let on who won, but say they had a ball.

“It was such good fun,” says Marie.