Council’s wages partnership

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doncaster Council has linked up with a neighbouring authority in a ground-breaking collaboration to share employee services.

Rotherham Council has been asked to deliver all human resources and payroll services for Doncaster Council staff.

Doncaster has been reviewing its requirements and considering the options for future delivery of these services and it was found that its nearest South Yorkshire neighbour represented the closest match to its needs.

Up to 50 employees from Doncaster will join the Rotherham team next week.

During the next financial year Doncaster employee records will gradually transfer to the Northgate Arinso PSE system currently used by Rotherham.

The Doncaster assessment process has demonstrated that the Rotherham service represents good value for money and will also give the Doncaster staff improved access to powerful management information systems that will further support their service delivery.

Jill Higgs, assistant director of human resources for Doncaster Council, said: “This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that gives us immediate access to a modern integrated HR and payroll system without the usual development costs and time associated with the purchase of a new system.”