Council blow for campaign to revive Sheffield airport

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PLANS to reopen Sheffield City Airport have suffered a blow with Sheffield Council saying it has ‘no grounds or enforceable powers’ to stop redevelopment of the runway as a business park.

South Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses has mounted a campaign to have building plans stopped and an inquiry into whether the facility could be viable if revived in future years.

Paul Blomfield, Labour MP for Sheffield Central, has backed the FSB’s stance.

But the news has upset some residents who lived under the flight path before the airport closed in 2008.

Robert Butler, of Olivers Mount, Darnall, said: “On weekends, planes flew over our houses every 10 minutes, so low you could smell them, and night workers had no chance of sleeping in.

“They should put the businesses in, create jobs and put money back in the city. Robin Hood Airport is only 20 minutes away along the motorway.”

Residents in Treeton and Catcliffe, at the other end of the runway, are also concerned about attempts to reopen the facility.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member for business and development, said: “The council is not in a position to determine the future of the former Sheffield City Airport site. It belongs to Sheffield Business Park and the check-in building was converted to offices years ago.

“The council has no grounds whatsoever, or indeed enforceable powers, to inhibit or delay redevelopment.

“It is also important to note that the former airport land is now within an Enterprise Zone and has the potential to create up to 3,000 jobs in the city.”