Sheffield pub goes viral on TikTok after showcasing incredible Euro 2020 decorations

A Sheffield pub has gone viral on TikTok after showcasing its brilliant decorations for Euro 2020.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 6:21 pm

General manager Adam Chamberlain, 43, draped more than 1,000 feet of flags across the Big Tree pub in Sheffield in anticipation of the footballing extravaganza.

The footy-loving pub landlord claims to have the ‘best decorated pub’ in the UK after creating an amazing display featuring 500 flags on the eve of Euro 2020.

The football fanatic spent 36 hours painstakingly pinning up flags from every nation which qualified for the European Championships this summer.

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Adam Chamberlain, 45, general manager of Big Tree pub, Sheffield - SWNS

Patriotic punters will be greeted by two massive 10ft ‘Come on England’ inflatable mascots and roughly 2,000 feet of buntings and flags.

The decorations have been a big hit with the locals in Woodseats, but they’re not the only ones to appreciate it.

A short TikTok of the decorations, accompanied by the iconic ‘Three Lions’ song, has gone viral with over 400,000 views.

Adam said he is ‘buzzing’ for this year’s tournament and feels like it is one of the best England squads he’s seen in his lifetime.

The Greene King pub boasts six 55-inch TVs inside, as well as three 50-inch TVs in the beer garden for supporters to enjoy.

Adam said: “I’d like to think this is the best-decorated pub in the UK.

"We thought we wanted to do something special for the Euros because it’s been quite a tough year and we’re all just buzzing for this.

“We wanted to lift spirits and get everyone excited and thought – go big or go home.

“We spent around 36 hours pinning the flags up, which was quite the effort but it’s absolutely worth it looking at it now.

“We’re buzzing at the moment, weather has been incredible, and I think this is the best England team of my lifetime.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s coming home.”