Sheffield manufacturer plugs into UK bid to be world leader in offshore wind power

A Sheffield manufacturing company has secured a £300,000 grant to plug into the UK drive to be world leader in offshore wind power.

Friday, 16th October 2020, 7:00 am

Magnomatics will supply its ‘Pseudo Direct Drive’ to the Winder project which aims to perfect the technology required for making large generators for turbines at sea.

The £5m project is funded by government. It is hoped it will lead to annual sales of £1.2bn and dramatically increase the proportion of UK content in offshore wind farms.

The Sheffield firm’s product includes a magnetic gear, which has just two parts that don’t touch, making it efficient and reliable even in extreme environments. It is combined with a permanent magnet generator which is turned by the turbine to create electricity cheaper than traditional methods.

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University student Anjali Manoj at Magnomatics. Picture Scott Merrylees

Chief executive David Latimer said the grant emphasised the firm’s leadership in the field at a time when government wanted to make the UK a world leader in offshore wind.

He added: “We are excited to have received this funding and to embark on the project, which aligns perfectly with our experience in the offshore wind sector. Our technology is becoming increasingly recognised across the world, not only for offshore wind but for a multitude of applications including marine propulsion, automotive and wider industrial.”

The firm, based on Bernard Road in Sheffield city centre, employs 22.

Its magnet-based technology can also apply to rail, marine propulsion and industrial drives, improving efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

Dave Latimer, chief executive of Magnomatics.

The firm is a spin-out from the University of Sheffield formed in 2006.

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