Sad day for Sheffield as Debenhams shuts up shop for the final time

It was a sad sight to see the once proud Debenhams department store on its final day of opening on The Moor.

Saturday, 15th May 2021, 5:11 pm

It was slim pickings for bargain hunters who braved the drizzle to check out the final sales items, serenaded by the plaintive tones of a jazz busker in the doorway.

The fever pitch queues of last week were gone as customers milled around and picked over the last of the reductions piled on reductions.

Dressing rooms were closed off by chairs, Miss Selfridge shelves were bare, Top Shop completely deserted. There was a smattering of left over trinkets on jewellery stands. The entire menswear basement floor was closed off with a sign on the escalator saying everything sold out. Clothes racks were stacked in the corners and the restaurant closed .

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Debenhams store on The Moor in Sheffield on its last day of trading

Exiting, Shopper Dot Baldock said: "I got two items for £3. It’s very sad to see but that’s the way it goes I suppose. I’ve been down a few times it’s just things they are getting rid of now.”

Janet Chambers was just about to go in. She said: “I went in last week and picked a top and a blouse up and they were priced up at £14. When I got to the counter they came up as £7 then he said you buy one and get one free."

“It’s such a shame that it’s closing.

“It was one of the highlights of going into town going in Debenhams

Shoppers carried away the last of the clothing bargains in Debenham's last ever sale at its Sheffield store

“I’ll miss it when it’s gone. All the franchises that were in it It’s a big store but you’ve got plenty to go at. Principles, Dorothy Perkins. That’s all gone now. I’ll miss the cafe – we used to go in a lot.

"A big building like this.

“It’s just downstairs now where they have clothes scattered all over. It’s like a free for all jumble sale.”

The top floor closed some time ago, reflecting the company’s struggles.

Virtually all the cosmetic and jewellery cabinets were empty at Debenham's on its final day in Sheffield.

Debenhams, which employed more than 20,000 people before the pandemic, sold its brand and website to online giant Boohoo for £55 million in January but confirmed its bricks and mortar business would close for good.

The historic department store chain closes its remaining 28 stores across the UK for good today after the company collapsed amid the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Debenhams store on The Moor in Sheffield on its last day of trading Janet Chambers
Debenhams store on The Moor in Sheffield on its last day of trading Dot Baldock who found some bargains
Debenhams store on The Moor in Sheffield on its last day of trading